Nature's Wisdom: Messages, Medicines & Meditations from ReSourced Apothecary

Clearing & Rejuvenating the Inner Landscape with Cleavers

March 03, 2024 Jessica Carmon
Nature's Wisdom: Messages, Medicines & Meditations from ReSourced Apothecary
Clearing & Rejuvenating the Inner Landscape with Cleavers
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Cleavers offers us wisdom about tending our inner landscape. Yes you may have cleared your energy but did you prepare the space within for something different? Something better?

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 Cleavers is a spring "weed" that has my heart. It's presence is light and fun, but also persistent.  Let's go ahead and address this name because when I first heard my favorite herbalists talking about cleavers my brain tied in knots for a bit.  Cleavers is the singular name. So the S is always at the end. Singular or plural. Crazy right?  

Okay. I had to get that out of the way.  

Cleavers is a fun interactive plant because the tiny hairs all over the leaves and stems, give it an overall Velcro effect. It will cling to your clothes but it's not sharp or prickly. One of my teachers, Sajah Popham, talks about how that clingy signature translates to the type of person or emotional state that cleavers can help. 

I love that connection. And you'll see, in the following conversation with Cleavers that he's got a much broader message and gift to share.

 I call on my Source, my angels and my guides and the spirit of Cleavers to begin the conversation.  "Hello, Cleavers! Thank you for coming to me. It is an honor to work with you again this year. Today in meditation, I felt you telling me that you energetically repair the soil of the body. You showed me that even though I know not to bury or hold my feelings and those of others in my body,  it is still somewhat of a graveyard.  I felt you offer to come in and clear the soil, rejuvenate it,  to carry the energy of being a graveyard out of my being  and to create a fertile soil of possibility in me. 

Cleavers answers, "Yes, I did. I'm glad you got all of that. You humans often expect change to be immediate and while the awareness can change immediately,  there may be, and most often is work to be done to both clean up and then properly prepare your body, your energy, your being for a different reality.  You talk about having this big breakthrough and then everything being the same. 

Well, yeah, you cleared the energy,  but did you then do the work to prepare the space for a new reality?  Did you offer your inner landscape the time and devotion of clearing and rejuvenating?  Did you do this until you were sure that you were prepared for something different, something better?  You know, me as a mover of physical lymph in the body,  you know, my body as nature's Velcro  now let's apply these physical signatures to the energy body.

 If you see your energy body as an inner landscape, this metaphor will make sense.  When it is time to remove a certain plant or object from the landscape, we remove it.  Often you humans are perturbed to find that the plant re grows or more objects or beings find their way to that spot.  I'm here to show you, you aren't finished.

Removal is step one.  Next repair.  Start with questions.  Why was the undesired plant or object there in the first place? What made the landscape hospitable to that situation?  How can you amend the landscape to make it hospitable to your optimal situation?  Are better boundaries needed?  Is rejuvenation needed? 

If you work with me, I'll show you and we can walk through preparing your inner landscape to hold the desired or higher vibration.  It doesn't have to be hard.  In fact, the hard part is usually when you rid yourself of the undesirable.  I'm working with you in a slow and steady way. Healing and repairing.  Big, powerful work that is subtle until you see the finished product."

 I reply, "that is beautiful. Thank you.  I know for sure that I rush from one big aha moment to the next without much thought of how to really integrate big changes in my body or my field. I guess I kind of assumed that the big transformation was just that and it was a complete experience.  I know you as a springtime plant, but get the feeling that you are offering to do this work any time.  Is that so?"

 Cleaver says,  "Yes.  Nature's cycles are much more predictable than humans' at this time.  In winter nature lets everything that needs to die do so.  Breaking down begins.  In the transition from winter to spring, there is work to be done.  With the right preparation,  death and ending can be a fertile field for birth and beginning.  We mustn't forget that very important preparation.  While all of us {meaning the plants) wish humans would follow nature's cycles more closely. We are happy to work with you in your own cyclical process.  You've created, or interpreted (more accurately) ways to preserve the bodies of plants, so that you'll have us when you need us. Use that tool, that skillset to your advantage." 

"Thank you." I say, "I have worked with you in fresh preparations and would like to continue to do so.  How would you like me to preserve you in order to work with you in other seasons?" 

 "Tincture and vinegar. Used interchangeably or very potent together.  There's a physical aspect to my medicine, and I want that reflected in how you work with me.  I'm always available for spirit journeying, but make sure you work with me physically for at least 21 days at a time."  Cleavers states. 

"Thank you.  I want to clarify, do you want me to combine the finished vinegar and tincture?" I asked. 

"No. Two different products that can be taken together or as a part of the same protocol if desired. Not necessary though, one will be enough for many people." Cleavers answers.  

"Thank you so much, cleavers. I'm excited to work with your medicine and follow your lead in cleaning up my own inner landscape." 

 And I close the exchange by thanking my.  And guides and Cleavers.

 If you've been listening to this podcast for a while, you know, I don't usually detail the guidance on plant preparations I receive.  Mainly because I'm centering the medicine of these plant spirit messages  and because I understand that not everyone is in a space where they can just gather up plants and start making medicines safely. 

But here are the two truths I'm holding right now:  On the one hand,  making safe and effective plant medicine is an art and a science.  We are in community with people who devote their lives to this process and make their living by sharing their preparations with us. It is no secret that I am a big proponent of working with your local herbalist. 

And on the other hand,  We are nature.  We do not inherently need gatekeepers to the plants around us.  The human experience is not meant to be separate from the rest of nature.  We are connected to these plants,  fungi and fauna.  Where I live in the Southeastern United States,  zone 7b if you want to get technical,  Cleavers grows everywhere all around. 

There are certain plants that I feel are drawing each of us into personal relationship  and Cleavers is near the top of that list.  

So what do I do with these two truths? Well,  I share the wisdom that's been shared with me. And I remind you that you are a powerful, sovereign being. 

Do you feel called to work with Cleavers?  If yes. Do it.  Do you feel like you'd rather work with a professional?  Yeah? Then do it.  Do you feel like you want to learn to identify Cleavers and go into your backyard or the nearest chemical free natural space around you and connect directly?  Do it.  Remember to be respectful of Cleavers, of the space around you, and of yourself.  Don't rush into relationship  with Cleavers, if you've never worked with Cleavers before.  Take the time to get to know him. Sit with the plant.  Observe.  Then honor what comes through for you. 

There are so many wonderful teachers out there.  

Just never forget the plants themselves,  when you were looking for guidance and wisdom.

 Big love my friend. .